13ft trampoline

This premium excellent 13ft trampoline delivers the brand new EASY ASSEMBLE/DISSEMBLE enclosure sticks attribute that mean that you can drop the internet flat on the trampoline bed in seconds. In addition, it supplies high quality thick BLUE cushioning with superb thick plastic covering and contains a huge user weight of 150kg / 24 stone, the BIGGEST user weight available for an 8ft version!

The Skytric enclosure includes a double closure entrance with zip and buckles that gives 100% guarantee your kids are safe. The zip can be shut from the inside and out. The enclosure neting includes ultra-durable 100% top Terylene net and has additional security as the internet attaches at the base with clips and rope and contains a special connector on the cover of the security enclosure sticks to keep it educated and set up
This shredder is a superb purchase for young jumpers, aspiring gymnasts in addition to family fun for everybody.

Now you can just purchase the 13ft Trampoline on its’ own.
Or you may purchase the

13ft Trampoline with Enclosure bundle which includes:


13ft Trampoline
13ft Safety Enclosure
13ft Weather Cover
Trampoline Access Ladder
Or our greatest 13ft Trampoline bargain comprises:
13ft Trampoline Weather Cover
Trampoline Access Ladder to get a 13ft trampoline
13ft Trampoline Safety Enclosure
Anchor Kit for 13ft trampoline
Shoe Bag
Trampoline Tent for 13ft trampoline
13ft Trampoline itself!

The framework of the 13ft trampoline

is especially designed to withstand Everything that’s thrown at it. We are so confident in it it’s covered by a two year guarantee. Each of the tubes are sexy galvanised with zinc (indoors and outside ) to guarantee a very long life even when exposed to the harshest of weathers. In comparison to reduced quality trampoline frames which are just held collectively by the friction of these tubes that are overlapping, trampoline frames have been constructed using powerful T junctions which are secured in place with heavy duty bolts. Guaranteeing maximum security to the consumers and also a very long lifetime to the trampoline.

The hop mat on trampolines is weaved together from top Strength army grade Permatron material manufactured in the united states.uk The spring rings have been secured into the mat with 8 stich lines, making sure that they won’t ever tear off. It’s due to the remarkable specification which trampolines have a market top maximum user weight of 150Kg (over 23 rock ).

The internet on trampolines

an Integral safety feature, is designed to Ensure complete 360° protection to this consumer. Its nice mesh will stop any kid receiving their fingers trapped inside whilst leaping. The internet and trampoline happen to be analyzed by independant labs to defy direct effects of over 300Kg in accord with current regulations and rules (EN71-14). The opening into the internet has a dual final system combining a 4 and zip clips, the zip line is glowing yellow to be able to rapidly discover the exit if necessary.

Strong and Long-lasting springs

The springs onto  trampolines create an Perfect balance between Response and power to provide unequalled performance. With 31 loops along with an Perfect amount of 15cm the springs will propel one into the atmosphere like a rocket. During creation the springs have been cooked two times over and Galvanised by electro-coating offering them a exceptional GOLD end to make sure Aesthetics and functionality is maintained for a long time of usage. The Hook end of this spring is curled inwards to stop animals or clothing Getting captured and harmed/ripped from the procedure.

Keep your kids safe and secure with all the Trampoline Safety Internet.

Brand new for use to replace your old or non safety web, matches 13ft circular trampolines. The internet Is Made of a Challenging weatherproof Entry into the enclosure is through zip system With additional buckles for optimum security. Fixings Included.