General Information
Brand(s): Jumper
Product Number: Jumper 12FT 366 cm
Product Type: Trampoline
Condition: Brand New, Genuine and Original
Quality: Highest Quality Product
Items included (comes in 2 or 3 boxes)
1x Standing trampoline 12FT1x Ladder1x Safety net1x Spring cover1x Assembly instructions


Technical Information
Product Number: 12FT
Outer Diameter: 366 cm
Mat height from the ground: approx. 70 cm
Height with net (total): approx. 250 cm
Mesh height: approx. 180 cm
Number of galvanized legs U: 4
Number of galvanized posts for safety net: 8
Number of springs: 64
Maximum load: 160 kg
Mesh made of PP polypropylene: yes
Spring cover: yes
Ladder: yes
All tools necessary for assembly: yes
Weight with packaging: approx. 60 kg, 2 or 3 boxes

Additional information

The guarantee of strength and safety of the trampoline structure is the CE quality certificate (Intertek GS, PN-EN 71-14+A1:2017-11) of checking compliance with safety standards.

Please contact us if you need more information. Please also check the full description of the item in the section below.


Quick assembly of the trampoline
1. Put the construction on the rim and legs
2. Mount the springs and pad
3. Put the protective cover on the springsb
4. Mount the posts together with the protective sponge and coversb
5. Connect the net with the rimb
6. Put the net on the protective posts and it’s ready!