Trampoline for Kids 38Inch

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Product description

LBLA – Focus on high quality and safe products for children!
The 38inch LBLA kids trampoline, with firm fabric, sturdy structure, safety-oriented handrial and protective cover, is a great way for kids to have fun, exercise and to develop coordination.

✅ Features
▶ The trampoline kit is abundant of the jumping mat,the long handrail and safety enclosure. It’s so easy to follow the user manual and put all together .
▶ With the adjustable handrail and standing poles,the jumping area and height can be specialized .
▶ The facial printing of enclosure is designed by unique image team. And the rebound bottom is made of flexible and breathable cloth.
▶ The frame can be just folded up,that is very handy for travel or quick storage.
▶ Please only allow one child to jump in the middle of the activity range at one time.

📌 Tips:
⭕ Adult supervision is required when children play,Recommended Age is 3 to 6
⭕ Don’t let your child jump too high;

🎁 Specifications:
· Model : Kids’ Trampoline Set/Kits
· Material: PU cloth,mechanical spring,electrostatic plastic steel
· Color: Multi-color (mainly blue)
· Dimensions:
· Diameter: 38in /  Height: 26-38in
· Weight: 18.63 lbs/9kg
· Handlebar Height: 25.5in
· Height from floor to bouncing surface: 7.8in/0.2m

🎁 Package Included:
4xSteel Pipe Support
6xScrew Guard Cap
1xJump Cloth
6xFoot Tube
6xFoot Strap
2xHandrail Bend
2xHandrail Riser(2xRubber Sleeve / 2xPlum Screw)
4xPlastic Screw Nut


  • Safety Handrail for Balance Keeping:The well-padded safety handrail ensures young children can grip well and jump with confidence and not lose their balance while jumping.
  • ✅Sturdy Construction for Ultimate Safety:Made of bold steel and coming with 6 legs for added support, this 38″ kids trampoline guarantees the great stability.
  • Protective Cover for Extra Safety:The circular protective outerwear protects your children from falling onto the hard steel, safeguarding against any strong impact, scratches and abrasions.
  • Easy to Assemble & Disassemble:From box to fully assembled is in less than 10 minutes. The round bungee rebounder can be folded for convenient storage or outdoor use.
  • Adjustable Handrail for Long-term Use 2 options for the horizontal space ranges (18″, 38″) and changeable vertical heights (25″, 38″). Allows to meet the different requirement of the kids as growth. Recommended age is 3 to 6. Maximum weight capacity is 132 lbs. Adult supervision is required.


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